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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the tank across the desert. this piece rez nates from that segment of the filament. it comes with a lot of great material to document it, as well. it's a great piece. >> this is all for a great cause, too. catherine williamson, thank you so muchl. and some of the proceeds will go to the film foundation, a nonprofit established by martin scorssee to protect and preserve motion picture history. you can bid online at >> here we go right now, 1:00
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p.m. out west, these stories topping our news at this hour. a problematic standoff comes to an end as iran and six world powers reach a nuclear deal. we'll bring reaction from the white house. and millions of americans are bracing for a major winter storm. it could become a nor'easter at the height of the thanksgiving day travel rush. and an american citizen left in mexico as a boy sees his mother after spending decades apart. this emotional reunion stralgt ahead. pushl push it's a potentially game-changing deal to put serious restrictions on iran's nuclear program. and it's a major breakthrough considering there has been no progress on the issue for decades. here's what the deal says.
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it scales back iran's enrichment of uranium. it also calls for more monitoring and inspections. and in exchange, some kripling economic sanctions on iran might be eased. this deal is just preliminary and it holds up for about six months. officials in both the u.s. and iran say it's a good deal for both sides. but major critics, like israel, say it's a misic mistake. this deal is a breakthrough. it was an exciting moment in switzerland. so, matthew, what are the key points of this plan?
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the key pointings are a couple of compromises. it's something that found its way in some form into the agreement that allows iran to continue enriching uranium to the level of 5% which is needed for the production of electricity. it also says it needs too convert its medium range reaction. it also brings to an end any work on a heavy water reactor that's being built by iran in a place called iraq which could be a second route to a bomb. >> so each side managed to be able to say they were victorious in these negotiations. they both came away from
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negotiation with something to sell. >> matthew, you had a chance to see secretary kerry as he emerged from those meetings. what was that moment like? >> i just managed to grab him before he went to give him a press conference. >> are you happy with the teal, mr. secretary? >> we have a good, strong agreement. >> he says he has a good, strong agreement. essentially, it's a first step towards making sure that iran does not produce a nuclear weapon. but, it also has a big impact on relations, potentially, between the united states and iran.
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459 ewe chance in geneva, thank you so much. when the news reached iran's capital, the excitement spread. >> many ie rain yans were sleeping when word came that iran had finally reached an interim agreement on iran's nuclear program. when they finally woke up and heard the news, the overwhelming reaction was positive. many were thrilled that finally a deal had been reached. let's hear from some of them themselves. >> actuallily, i'm really happy about this.
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but all the world knows they use this just for peace, not for war. >> here's the question. how important was it for you that iran's leadership fought for the right for iran to enrich uranium and have a peaceful nuclear program. how important was that for you? >> no. >> not really. so it didn't matter to you. what about yud rain yum enrichment for you? was it important that they maintained the right? actually, it was important for me. they used this nuclear -- can use this. but you cannot. this is not fair for the ie rain yan people. >> to gain the technology that you have right now? >> this technology. and this is really all the world.
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you know at the woor, we don't have any winner. >> right. >> all right. from many ie rain yans, their nuclear program has been a symbol of national pride although this agreement doesn't specifically say that iran has a right to enrich uranium, they will have a right to enrich uranium up to 5%. >> john kerry insisted today that the interim agreement makes israel safer. israel's prime minister disagrees. the prime minister's spokesman says israel worries that iran will not stick to its promises. >> of course we want to seedy ploem si succeed.
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of course we'd like to see a peaceful sloougs. we want to see a genuine deal, a good deal, that actually does dismantle the uranium military program. and we're concerned that this deal is a bad deal and does not actually attain that goal. i mean, ultimately, we want to see the ewe rain yan military nuclear goal dismantled. >> we're just getting information from the white house that president obama spoke for
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about 30 minutes on the phone today that it was a useful discussion. we're hoping to get more information on that. i do want to answer your question. there's really a whole lot of skepticism going on now. lawmakers were really focused today on one key part of the deal during the sunday shows. president obama says the u.s. and its partners have agreed to no more saxs sanctions on iran for the next six months. and, ovk, that's if iran keeps its part of the bargain. this is really not the time to lighten up. >> what we are finally starting to do is impact the elite in iran. the business class of iran. finally, we were getting to the place that was actually going to bite. what they have just done is stop the second realm. >> it's not just republicans. it is important to point out
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that an influential democratic senator says he is disappointed with this deal. take a listen to this. >> the disportionalty of this agreement makes it more likely that democrats and republicans will join together and discuss additional concerns. i intend to discuss that possibility with my colleagues. >> so we can tell, this is going to be a tough sales job ahead. >> all right, indeed, thanks so much from d.c. meantime, a dangerous storm is threatening to become a nor'easter and ruin travel plans for millions of people. find out which states are getting hit the hardest next. ...for the year. hi. sorry. just want to say,
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a major winter-like storm could hit the boston area. right now, the storm is dumping snow and ice. texas, oklahoma and new mexico are getting hit the hardest. the rough weather took a lot of people by surprise. >> i'm from maryland. just coming down here to visit for my cousin's wedding. i really had to get my jacket on and everything. i was really surprised how cold it was down here. >> 80 degrees the other day. now it's like 37 degrees. i'm freezing. >> nick, the strength of the storm was a real shocker to
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people. this is also a warning to the people in the east and want to expect. >> this kind of weather is not typical for this time offier. across the country, weather system is already a mess. >> in texas, it's already proving fatal. icy road conditions causing this major accident along interstate 40 causing multiple cars to collide. the texas department of public safety warns it may only get worse. >> anything from sleet to freezing rein, if it gets really bad, we're going to encourage folks to stay home. >> this deadly winter storm started out west. >> i heard a big crack and the house started banging and things
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started falling and i heard it was a huge earth cake. now, the winter threat is on the move. a damgous system that has the potential create chaos for millions of travelers. >> the winter weather also hit the grind iron. gridiron. officials had to scrub the snow off the goal post line. days ahead, more than 40 million americans are expected to hit the roads.
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>> the dallas morning news is reporting that flights leaving the dallas ft. worth area have been delayed or cancelled. it's been a big problem here locally. about a quarter inch of freezing rain on those roads. >> all right, great warning. thanks so much. >> the family of an 85-year-old american tourist says he was pulled off a plane without explanation. but a remaining question, how does a westerner get to north korea as a tourist destination in the first place? that answer is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain,
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reaction to the west nuclear agreement with iran is pouring in. president obama calls it an important first step, but not everyone agrees. israel calls the deal a quote historic mistake waysed on global self delusion. cnn's chief political k correspondent joining us from washington. >> in the oend, when you look at
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this, not only does the u.s. suspect that iran was -- is building a nuclear weapon, they have also condemned it as a nation state of that spread sinister richl. it is not as well as the syrian presidentment there are many reasons not to trust iran at this point. the simple answer was we don't trust them and we don't have to. >> none of this is based on trust. it's not a question of trust. it's a question of having the verification and the insights into the program and the commitments to be held accountable so you are in fact creating a fail safe mechanism by which you are making your judgments.
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>> what about members of congress? what action might there be this week? >> this week, none because of the thanksgiving week. but harry reid, the majority leader in the senate has said when we get back, they will deal with sanctions. now, what we're hearing is really bipartisan agreement. by many that this is a bad deal. the president does have his supporters, diane finestein, a very porntd democratic supporter. a big democrat from new york who says it's a bad deal and we need to seriously look at sanctions. now, we have also heard republicans say that and lindsey graham has suggested that perhaps what the senate might do is change it slightly and say we will impose new sanctions in six months and we will decide will the six months has been a success or not before those sanctions can be weighed.
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i think you will see something. you should take a look alt the greemt, wi the way, where it says that there will be no new sanctions on iraq. except if it's according to the united states. if congress wants to impose more sanctions, certainly they could. >> thank you so much and have a great thanksgiving week. >> hey, fred, thanks, you, too. >> merl new mman says he om had
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enough heart medication for the 10 days vacation he was on. so this incident is putting a spotlight that north korea has become a tourist destination that has built up around getting tourists into the country. >> reporter: north koreans as you've never seen them before. having fun at the beach. >> pulled me right into their dance circle and we had a great time for about an hour and a half. >> we actually have a beer tour. beer and fishing. >> a beer tour in north korea? >> yes, we have beer, fishing, boats and guns tour. an dree ya lee runs the tours.
1:26 pm
week one packages to the nuclear armed dictator shim begin around $2200. expect surprises, she says. >> i think that most people don't know that north korean beer is really good. >> really? >> yeah, it is. it is. >> her clients range from dennis rodman to the new york philharmonic orchestra. >> we do a lot of students and adventure travelers. >> he add mits, what he did see was heavily controlled by the government. but, at the beach and the military parade where he shot this video, he says he got closer to reality than the government knows. >> the person next to me got splattered with tank grease.
1:27 pm
>> did he ever feel unsafe? >> in many other aspects, i feel it's about the safest place i can go. but none of that explains this. 85-year-old american newman pulled off his plan at the end of his t 90 day korean vacation. >> he was asked to leave the plane. >> never. this is very unusual and rare. so far, she says, no cancellations. >> if you are thinking about going to north korea right now, she tells me that it takes about two weeks, one week if you're lucky, to get a visa to go to the country. reasons to go this winter? north korea has finished
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building its first-ever ski station. and, for the first time ever, they're letting outsiders, tourists, their their seasons. >> a rare glimpse behind the scenes at the world's busiest airport. you'll only see it here on cnn next. 1ñp i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits.
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up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? next sunday, tdecember 1st s expected do be the busiest day for travel. ahead of the rush, is cnn spends a day at the world's busiest airport. heefr's a behind-the-scenes look at a canine who screens cargo
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before it goes on. >> she takes one step, i need to take two. that place together is just like a song and dance. we became partners in 2010. the dog is highly intelligent and i am always driven by that fact. we scream cargo. it may seem cay yotic. it's symphony to me. when we to get to that point where the dog encounters odor, that's the fun of the game. woe're looking to see if that dog will actually sit. you want that dog not to nudge it or not to touch it.
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it can be very sensitive. it can literally trigger something that you and i don't want to be here today talking about. what's most important is ensuring that we're doing every single thing that we can do to ensure that nothing harmful is being up loaded to any of these air krafts. >> 24 hours in the world's busiest airport. go to see everything our reporters found there. all right. it's a moment that will go down in history. ir iran's foreign minister shaking hands. hands. many worry one international security analyst say it is a pooztive step forward next. ♪
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let's return now to the agreement. the deal slows iran's nuclear activity and eases some international sanctions. it's a preliminary deal lasting six months while a permanent deal is worked out. let's bring in jim walsh who joins us from water town, massachusetts. good to see you. so president obama is calling this an important first step. is it to you? >> i think we're all rushing. >> in the last three months, we've made more progress than in three decades. and we have a nuclear program that absent a deal would just grow and grow and grow.
1:38 pm
you know, we need a bill that caps that. i think that's a first step and we'll probably be followed by a comprehensive agreementment. >> so secretary kerry says this isn't a plan that dismantles iran's senter fujs. do you believe that? >> i think it's almost unprecedented to have daily inspections of their sen tra fuj. the u.s. doesn't submit to that. france doesn't submit to that. iran is willing to do that. i think that's very useful. the more transparency there is, the more confidence we can have.
1:39 pm
that was our number one worry. now, that's over and you cannot make a nuclear weapon. so i think that's a win. >> why is the climate right for iran's foreign minister to be part of these talks with u.s. secretary of state and help broker this deal? >> great question. now, we've had some opportunities in the past. one side wanted to dance, the other didn't. the u.s. was ready to do something and iran wasn't. now, we have a situation because of the surprise election of the insider who can win the confidence of refoormers and hard looinlers. that's a unified government and to ne forbuate, you have to have
1:40 pm
a partner. he wants to return home and say look, you voted for me. i've produced results. all of that together meant both sides wanted to get a quick deal. >> jim walsh, thank you so much. >> thank you, fredericka. >> now, from a major deal to a major storm now dumping miss and snow on much of the southwest. and it's marching east threatening to become a thanksgiving week nor'easter. we'll tell you which sis may get hit the hardest next. but, first, the philippines is the location for the current season of survivor.
1:41 pm
>> i've spent over the last two years, eight months in the philippines. it's an island community. they don't have much to begin with. it was not uncommon to see people in a tin shack. but when you take that very little bit they have away, and you combine it with all of this disaster, now you have just a major con tast atastrophe. rebuilding that is going to be enormous.
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mplts . >> a dangerous storm is dumping snow and ice across the u.s. let's check in to the cnn weather center. i'm cnn meteorologist karen mcguinness. woe eve got a heavy load of weather to tell you about. a lot of knofolks will see rainfall. let's break it down for you. for monday, the storm system a little sluggish over the last 24 hours with the expected icy conditions in the metroplex of
1:47 pm
dallas. very poor along the gulf coast region. >> that could be some difficult traveling. then, by wenlds, more widespread. new york city, those key among the corridor. from the roadways to the west of that, that looks to be a significant impact as well. thanksgiving day, the weather system moves off the eastern sea board. we start to clear out. it looks to be a much quieter scenario. it's going to be those 72 hours leading up to that that would lead up to that.
1:48 pm
>> thanks so much, we'll all be bracing this week. this week, resip yentds of the highest civilian award was honored alongside former president bill clinton, oprah winfrey and others. >> not only one of the 16 recipients, but to share the name, the honor, sally ride -- >> it sounds good. but let me tell you. if it doesn't allow you to help other people, it doesn't matter who you've got them with. or where it comes from.
1:49 pm
only the things that help you help somebody are really worth the effort. >> so this is not an honor. you say, instead, this is an incentive to help you continue to do more. >> family reunions are always touching to witness. but especially for this mother and son who were separated by an international border for more than three deng kads. first, we're preparing our own holiday tradition. it's a celebration of the top ten heroes of the year and their work helping others.
1:50 pm
>> hey, there, observe, i'm going to give you a backstage look at what it takes to put this whole cnn award's heroes show together. are you ready? all right, come with me. this year, we're back in new york, baby. at the american museum of natural history. >> i can't believe it's been that long. we're thrilled to be here. it's iconic and it's beautiful. >> and the first stop every night? the red carpet. wow, look at it in here. you know, work like this takes hundreds of people to set up working around the clock. and then the center piece of the evening. this yore's cnn heroes will p honored right here in the whale
1:51 pm
room where one of the biggest treasures will be watching overus all night. that's not all that has to be done. >> you wouldn't believe just really what it takes to put something like this on. and, you know, we had two days to bring it in and set it all um. >> transforming this beautiful room from this to this all to hon mor ten everyday people who are changing the world. >> it becomes a very speshlg >> itin the nation, we knowg how you feel about your car.
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cross the border into the u.s. every day. cnn's casey wyan has story of one man who did and found his mother. >> you can't spell it, but just imagine a polluted flood control tunnel frequented on one side of the border by i.v. drug users and the other by their waste. >> his initial claim was that he was a citizen of mexico. >> ajents at first suspected he
1:56 pm
was an immigrant smuggler. >> they can't believe me. they would tell me no that i was mexican and that i had to tell them the truth or they were going to send me to jail. >> then, after 16 hours in custody, amaya changed his story saying he was born in chicago and was actually a u.s. citizen. for him to cross in the manner in which he did just did not make sense at all. >> amaya said he was abandoned and taken to mexico by his father. >> my dad told me that my mom had to put me in an orphanage because she didn't love me. >> border patrol agents began a dich different kind of search. >> our ajents are able to reach out to the county clerks and they told us a birth certificate did exist. >> not only did amaya get his birth certificate, agents got
1:57 pm
his mother on the phone. >> it was something i won't soon forget. >> amaya's mother said she never abandoned him 34 years ago, blachling his father for leeing him in mexico without her permission. his father did not respond to cnn's inquiry.
1:58 pm
mplts david said he hopes to settle in san diego to pursue his american dream and leave this nightmare behind. as for what's next, he says he's going to write a book about his experiences. could be a best-seller. >> wow, that's an incredible story. christmas officially comes to the nation's capitol this week. it already did for that family. but we're going to begin our look at the week ahead in d.c. the capitol christmas tree arrives in washington. this year, a spruce from washington state. the tree-lighting ceremony happens on december 3rd. >> for the first time since 1947, you can bid on a copy of
1:59 pm
the first book ever printed in america. zut sutherbys expects it to sell between $15-20 million at auction. this is the national thanks ghifing turkey. after the ceremony, the turkey and its alternate will be part of the christmas at mt.vernon display. they both fall on the same day this year. et won't happen again until 2070. on black friday, millions of us will hit the malls to shop for those holiday gift deals. it's always one of the busiest shopping days of the year. last year, 89 million people went to stores or shopped online. and that set a record. . >> no matter what kind of family bonding time there is, you will
2:00 pm
not find me in a mall, in a story. let's find out. >> most of the time, when i do that, id have to report it. hopefully not this year. >> you can pick up a couple little things at commercial breaks. and then your shopping is done, wala. thank you very much. >> i'm martin savage. >> and you're in the cnn news room. at least five deaths are blamed on a huge winter storm now working its way east across the u.s. combination of gail force winds, snow, ice and rain will likely startle holiday plans all this week. as it moves, this weather


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